[Politech] Administrivia: List is up on new server, Mailman changes

From: Declan McCullagh (declan@private)
Date: Tue Sep 23 2003 - 19:43:22 PDT

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    Politech is finally running on the new server! That's why you received the 
    resubscription message earlier today. The biggest change is that I've 
    switched over to GNU Mailman, which has the benefit of many more options 
    (like daily digests and subscribe-only-to-certain-topics).
    Mailman also has the undeniable downside of being an unruly beast to 
    configure. It took me until Saturday to get it installed properly (it, 
    improbably, insisted on being configured with two different group IDs at 
    the same time) and on Sunday I finally debugged a strange interaction with 
    Postfix's anti-spam measures that caused it to reject mail to non-local 
    Now that it's installed, though, Mailman should be an improvement. You can 
    sign up for a daily digest (something that some folks have wanted for a 
    long time) by typing your email address in at the bottom of this page:
    I'm also going to experiment with labeling posts with categories. You can 
    choose to receive only categories that you want. The initial four 
    categories are privacy, spam, copyright, and free speech. Go to that same 
    URL, above, used to edit your digest settings and you can select this 
    there. If you do nothing, everything will work as before.
    [[[IMPORTANT: If you do this, set "Do you want to receive messages that do 
    not match any topic filter?" as YES. Otherwise you'll miss messages for 
    which I haven't set a category, like security or antitrust.]]]
    There are still lots of things to do, like integrating Mailman with Movable 
    Type, spam-proofing the archives, figuring out whether to use MHonarc, 
    Mailman/pipermail, or a blog utility, and wiring in a better search 
    function for the archives. Some sysadmins on the list (thanks Gabe, Rob!) 
    have already been very helpful.
    I've set up a discussion list (admin@private) just for this 
    purpose. If you're willing to help with expanding Politech, please go here 
    to sign up:
    PS: You may have to update your procmail/Outlook/Eudora filters by matching 
    on the current Sender: line.
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