[Politech] Does Justice Department prosecute denial of service attacks?

From: Declan McCullagh (declan@private)
Date: Thu Sep 25 2003 - 22:59:20 PDT

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    Hi Declan:
    Working with an ISP that uses our consulting services, they came under DoS
    attack and had their operations significantly hapmpered for two days
    before a successful defense was built. With effort and cooperation from a
    number of ISPs, the perpetrator was tracked down and identified. The
    hacker's ISP provided complete monitoring and logs that, when matched to
    our customers logs confirmed the guilt.
    All of the investigation done, they contacted the FBI. Agents came and
    interviewed everyone -including the 17 year old perpetrator and concluded
    that the guy had committed a series of felonies. The US Attorney refused
    to prosecute the case, and sent policy through the apologetic Agent, that
    only cases that involved physical harm to a being or physical harm of
    equipment valued at $25,000 or greater. All others would not be
    prosecuted, and since a loss of service, damage to customers, and the
    collateral damages to an ISP did not constitute damages sufficient to meet
    the standard.
    The only charge available under Ohio law was Violation of Privacy, a
    misdemeanor with an extremely low fine. The hacker was never prosecuted.
    I suspect that with the current attitudes of law enforcement towards
    electronic crimes, that it's pretty much open season for the black hats.
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