[Politech] California elections official starts "verifiable voting" blog

From: Declan McCullagh (declan@private)
Date: Sun Sep 28 2003 - 22:44:28 PDT

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    Date: Sun, 28 Sep 2003 14:46:13 -0700
    From: Jim Warren <jwarren@private>
    Subject: senior elections official starts first blog on VERIFIABLE voting!
    Cc: "Warren Slocum" <warren@private>
    A leading County Elections Official, Warren Slocum of San Mateo County, 
    California, has become increasingly concerned about the integrity of some 
    elections systems widely used throughout the United States for local, state 
    and federal elections.  His concerns include their lack of complete audit 
    trails and the secret, "proprietary" software used in some of these major 
    voting systems, which dominate more and more of elections technology used 
    in this nation's public elections.
    To publicize the issues, concerns, dangers and solutions, he has begun the 
    first blog devoted to VERIFIABLE voting technology:
    >Jim -
    >I started publishing a blog. It's the web's first blog devoted to verified 
    >voting, election reform & democracy. You can check it out at -
    >- or there is a link from 
    Warren has been the Chief Elections Officer and County Clerk-Recorder for 
    San Mateo County for almost 17 years (since 1987; plus being County 
    Assessor for about a decade).  Note:  These are NONpartisan elective 
    offices (even many of his close friends don't know his party affiliation!).
    Warren have served in numerous nonpartisan leadership positions, including 
    as President of the California Elected Officials Association (organization 
    of NONpartisan elected officials), served on the state Secretary of State's 
    Internet Voting Task Force, and held numerous other public-service positions.
    San Mateo County occupies the middle of the San Francisco Peninsula, 
    between San Francisco and Silicon Valley, and has a population of about 
    Jim Warren; jwarren@private, columnist, writer & public-policy advocate
    345 Swett, Woodside CA 94062; 650-851-7075; fax/off due to spam-glut
    [self-inflating puffery: InfoWorld founder; Dr.Dobb's Journal first editor;
    Soc.of Prof.Journalists-Nor.Cal.James Madison Freedom-of-Information Award;
    Electronic Frontier Foundation Pioneer Award (1992, its first year);
    Playboy Foundation Hugh Hefner First-Amendment Award (1994);
    founded the Computers, Freedom & Privacy Conferences; blah blah blah]
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