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Hello Declan:

This may come as a surprise to many of my friends and aquantances.
I normally communicate with you on issues concerning the DNS and
root systems.  But today I have unusual news to report.

After years of complaining about governments and politicians i've
decided to do something completely out of character and run for
office.  I have decided to get involved in municipal politics here
in Peterborough and will be seeking the position of councilor.

I'm asking my friends and associates to support me in my endevor.
I ask you visit my site and have a look:


And I also ask that you provide your support to my campaign.
Please take the time to visit and support me any way you can.

Click on the [ Support ] link or visit my support page at


I plan to do to the political system in this town what I have done
to the U.S. governments control of the dns.  Free it up and let the
people control their political infrastructure directly.

Kindest regards
Joe Baptista

Joe Baptista for Councillor City of Peterborough Town Ward 3
                 Official Campaign Site @ www.joebaptista.com
                      Personal Web Space @ www.baptista.god
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