[Politech] More on SunComm and DMCA "shift key hacking" claims [fs][ip]

From: Declan McCullagh (declan@private)
Date: Thu Oct 09 2003 - 23:35:36 PDT

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    From: Hugh Lilly <h.lilly@private>
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    To: Dave Farber <dave@private>, Declan McCullagh <declan@private>
    Subject: Re: [IP] more on "Shift Key Breaking CD Copy Protection Technology"
    Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2003 13:57:26 +1300
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    Declan, Dave,
    After successfully getting rid of the horrible flash intro on SunnComm's
    confusing and very badly-designed website[1], one is presented with the
    following statement:
      Important Notice to SunnComm Shareholders and Prospective Shareholders
          SunnComm Technologies, Inc. is a Phoenix, AZ company whose stock is
          publicly traded in the Over-the-Counter (OTC) market under symbol STEH.
          Our 3-year old company is currently in the development stage of its life
          cycle and, to date, has earned only insignificant revenue from sales of
          its products.
          It is the intention of management to remain a non-reporting company
          listed on the "The Pink Sheets" until such time as the company reports
          significant sales of its technology. It is within the corporation's
          legal rights to elect this option. However, this means that you, the
          investor or interest-holder, will not be afforded public access to
          regular company audits and therefore you must solely rely on the
          company's press releases, news stories, or other publicly available
          Not having access to audit detail or other significant reporting
          dynamics can put SunnComm shareholders or interest-holders, at a
          significant disadvantage from a risk standpoint. Due to SunnComm's
          current, legal, non-disclosure status, your investment in SunnComm may
          carry with it an even higher degree of risk than that of other publicly
          traded companies which are currently fully reporting.
          Because of our non-reporting status, SunnComm's management feels you
          need to understand these very important facts prior to making a decision
          to invest in the company's shares, and you should also be totally aware
          that you run the risk of losing your entire investment should you make
          the decision to purchase shares in SunnComm.
          If you have additional questions regarding this notice or anything you
          may read on SunnComm's website, we urge you to contact company directly.
          Thank you for giving me this moment of your time. Please click the
          button below to acknowledge reading the above and to access The SunnComm
          Thanks for stopping by,
          [petersig.gif] I have read the statement
    In order to get into the site you have to click on "I have read the statement"
    which then sends you to [2]the main section of the site, all horribly done in
    There are a few other interesting parts of their site:
    "Here's your chance to ask SunnComm's President, Peter Jacobs, any questions
    you may have; SunnComm will NEVER share your email address with
    There have been some very interesting questions asked on the site, and they
    all seem to have good answers:
    Q: Iīve heard your technology can be hacked. Does that mean it wonīt
    "work?"  (10/6/2003 7:37:18 PM)
    A: Not at all. People who perform tests on MediaMax and declare it to be
    "hackable" donīt understand why itīs there in the first place. Let me tell
    you why:
    1. All technology can be "hacked" by people wishing to make illegal and
    unauthorized use of the content ownersī property. Prior to MediaMax, there
    was no alternative to the illegal copying and re-copying of music by users.
    Now with MediaMax on the CD, honest people have a way of honoring the
    artistīs wishes regarding how and where the music property can be copied and
    Then there's the "news" page:
    But the newest article they've linked to is this:
    09/24/2003   AFP   [3]US firm hopes anti-piracy CD will rock blackmarket
    The other interesting section of their site is the [4]Press Releases page. The
    SunnComm CEO Says Princeton Report Critical of its MediaMax CD Copy Management
    Technology Contains Erroneous Assumptions and Conclusions
    You can sign up for press releases etc. here:
    [1] The non-flash front page[a] has this on it:
    This site requires Flash player 6.  If you are not prompted to install, click
    on the picture above.  After installing Flash6, click here to reload
       [a] http://www.sunncomm.com/index_still.html
    [2] http://www.sunncomm.com/index2.html
    [3] http://makeashorterlink.com/?M1BE51926
    [4] http://www.sunncomm.com/press/listpr.asp
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