[Politech] To limit piracy, Oscars won't be prescreened with DVDs [ip]

From: Declan McCullagh (declan@private)
Date: Wed Oct 15 2003 - 20:48:04 PDT

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    Subject: How will the Oscars be screened?
    Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2003 09:57:35 -0700
    Over the weekend I noted news about the elimination of DVD's as a screening
    aid for the Academy Awards.  A lot of folks will not get a well deserved
    Oscar because many Academy members have schedules and are in locations that
    will not be served by the "Official Screenings"  it seems to have moved up
    the noise scale as others have picked up the story.
    --The major studios have agreed to go along with the Motion Picture
    --of America's proposal to stop the sending out DVD and video screeners to
    --who vote for the Oscars and other Hollywood awards.
    In one news story Mr. Valenti himself as much as admitted that he could have
    been a part of the problem by passing on screening DVD's to family and
    friends and not caring where they went.
    A somewhat easy solution would be to encode each DVD produced with a
    signature code at the bottom of each frame much like the networks do today.
    With a bit of planning, a code could be unique to each disk and allow for an
    audit trail of sorts later.  Now we know the technology exists, and it seems
    this would be a reasonable use of the technology, and it could be used later
    as a permanent piracy feature.
    As I considered this thought I wondered if we would want to have such a
    feature on the DVD's we buy.  If we buy it and the DVD id, I'll call it a
    serial number, is used to allow us to ask for warranty service, it could be
    a good thing and it could help the MPAA to get a handle on piracy.  The
    number will exist on the disk and could be tracked as far as the selling
    point like the serial number on a stereo to TV.  As long as we don't
    register the serial number, there would be no way to track it back to any
    one person, but if we wanted a minimum 3 year warranty on the disk, we could
    register it.
    Footnote: at the end of this article
    http://sg.news.yahoo.com/031009/3/3exja.html a similar notion has been
    tossed out... but it came to me as a common sense solution.
    Just my skew view
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