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Date: Tue Oct 21 2003 - 16:21:24 PDT

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    Subject: Defending the families sued by the RIAA; via Kuro5hin
    Date: Sat, 18 Oct 2003 18:07:58 -0500
    This is the Daily digest for Kuro5hin.org.
    Defending the families sued by the RIAA
    By Holmes Wilson, 2003-10-17 13:32:43
    Section: Culture, Topic: Music
    When the RIAA sued 261 music sharers, the press was ready. Journalists knew 
    the suits were coming--it was only a question of when, and who. But for the 
    targets of the lawsuits (the vast majority families with children)
    there was nothing inevitable about it. Imagine getting hit with a lawsuit
    for more than the value of your home because your kids went to the wrong
    webpage and downloaded the wrong program. My role in this started a
    month ago, when my site was contacted by a programmer who, appalled by the 
    story of Brianna LaHara, wanted to collect donations for people who'd been 
    sued. We worked out a simple "P2P" Defense Fund 
    could go up quickly without any legal hassle or red tape, and we started 
    calling people who'd been targetted. The first phone calls were a shock: 
    until then I'd thought about the lawsuits in intellectual/strategic terms 
    (is this a good move for the RIAA or not, etc.) but on the phone these were 
    real people with
    tough, complex lives: My husband and I both work full time to make ends
    meet. We have 4 children ... We are middle class and live from paycheck to 
    paycheck. We are good, honest people. This lawsuit has devastated us.
    Musicians and independent labels are speaking out against the RIAA 
    lawsuits, and one independent musician 
    [<http://www.scottandrew.com/>http://www.scottandrew.com] is even donating 
    proceeds from his CD sales to the Defense Fund. An opportunity exists to 
    stop future lawsuits.
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