[Politech] Woman sentenced for intercepting email of husband's ex-wife

From: Declan McCullagh (declan@private)
Date: Tue Oct 21 2003 - 16:22:34 PDT

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    Subject: Woman Sentenced for Reading Husband's Email
    Date: Sun, 19 Oct 2003 09:08:10 -0400
    YAHOO NEWS: Woman Sentenced for Intercepting E-Mail
    55 minutes ago
    DENVER - A judge sentenced an Arizona woman to 60 days home detention for
    intercepting her husband's ex-wife's e-mail, saying the penalty is a warning
    to others who might be tempted to do the same.
    "Privacy is still a cherished value," U.S. District Judge Richard P. Matsch
    said in sentencing Angel Lee, 28, of El Mirage, Ariz.
    Lee pleaded guilty in March and admitted accessing at least 215 e-mails sent
    last year to her husband's ex-wife, Duongladde Ramsay. Officials said she
    fraudulently obtained the user name and password information for Ramsay's
    e-mail account.
    Matsch, best known for his role overseeing the Oklahoma City bombing trials,
    has said the e-mail case involved a vicious divorce dispute over children.
    At Lee's sentencing Friday, he said he considered sending her to jail but
    believed she needed to be home with her young children.
    "I really apologize for what I did," Lee told the judge. "She (Ramsay) has a
    right to feel the way she feels."
    Ramsay has compared Lee's actions to someone breaking into her home and
    reading her diary.
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