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From: Declan McCullagh (declan@private)
Date: Wed Oct 22 2003 - 14:10:21 PDT

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    Subject: SANS Legal Issues in Information Technology
    Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2003 12:52:26 -0400
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    Dear Declan,
    I hope that this message finds you well. If possible, I would like to
    distribute the following Call for Authors on the Politech list.
    Legal Issues in Information Technology
    SANS Institute's Legal Issues in Information Technology ("LIIT") is a six
    day course providing attorneys and technicians with an in-depth knowledge of
    the major legal issues raised by Information Technology. Each day is
    separated into six main topics, and each day's material is organized to
    build upon information provided in the previous day's lecture. By the end of
    the course, participants will have an in depth knowledge of the issues that
    shape Information Technology Law and how these matters affect future
    technologies. For more information, please contact Mark G. Milone (milone at
    LIIT Authors & Lecturers
    The SANS Institute is seeking attorneys to develop course material that will
    serve as the foundation of its new course "Legal Issues in Information
    Technology" ("LIIT"). In the first phase of this project, authors will
    create PowerPoint presentations that will subsequently be used by lecturers
    for the 6 day course. Although authors will be given a chance to lecture on
    the course material they prepare, additional lecturers will be subsequently
    selected by SANS. The course is tentatively scheduled to be offered some
    time after January 2004 in various locations throughout the U.S.
    Course Material
    LIIT course material will be comprised of PowerPoint slides and must be
    presented by authors in completed form by December 31, 2003. In this first
    phase, SANS is asking for authors to present a paragraph discussing their
    main topic by November 15, 2003. Each main topic should also be separated
    into 6 subtopics (as discussed in "Selecting Topics" below). Authors are
    encouraged to develop a full day's worth of material and an additional $1000
    will be provided to authors who develop a full day's worth of material (i.e.
    192 slides with complete notes, as discussed below). After written approval
    of finalized topics and slides and execution of the SANS Author Agreement,
    SANS will remunerate authors on a per slide basis ($33/slide).
    Selecting Topics
    Basically, authors must suggest a main topic in a concise paragraph and
    break this topic into six subtopics. Once approved, each subtopic must
    present an hour worth of material, so please be careful when breaking main
    topics into subtopics. As a general matter, an hour worth of material is
    approximately 30 slides; therefore, a full days course should be
    approximately 192 slides (180 slides for the six subtopics and 2
    "introductory" slides introducing each subtopic - this is  more fully
    described in the SANS Author Guidelines, which will be provided upon
    acceptance of author topics). As a general matter, the average slide should
    have at least four bullet points. Each bullet point should have about a
    paragraph of text in the "Notes" window describing the applicable bullet
    point. Each slide, therefore, should present about two minutes of worth of
    lecturing material. As a final matter, authors must use the LIIT PowerPoint
    file as a template when creating slides.
    Next Steps
    Moving forward, please contact Mark G. Milone to review proposed topics.
    Authors will be selected by SANS in its sole discretion. Once we get rolling
    a little bit, Mark will contact you to arrange a conference call with all
    authors and discuss lecturing at the program.
    Thank you, once again, for your interest in this exciting project! Do not
    hesitate to call if you have any questions.
    -Mark G. Milone
    milone at mindspring.com
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