[Politech] Bill Purdy gets smacked down by federal appeals court [fs]

From: Declan McCullagh (declan@private)
Date: Wed Sep 01 2004 - 14:31:45 PDT

I've put the opinion here:

It even quotes from a Politech post from July 16, 2002 on p6.




Anti-abortion cybersquatter loses appeal
September 1, 2004, 1:55 PM PDT
By Declan McCullagh 

A federal appeals court on Wednesday said an anti-abortion activist
had violated trademark law by registering a slew of domain names,
including drinkcoke.org, mycoca-cola.com, mymcdonalds.com,
mypepsi.org, and my-washingtonpost.com.

Bill Purdy, who lives in South Saint Paul, Minn., had purchased those
and other domains and used them to point visitors to prolife
commentary and depictions of aborted and dismembered fetuses. Purdy
claims that the companies he targeted promoted abortion.

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