[Politech] Q&A with RIAA lobbyist Mitch Glazier re: open-source P2P clients [ip]

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Date: Tue Sep 07 2004 - 10:09:51 PDT


Record labels' man in Washington
September 3, 2004, 4:00 AM PT
By Declan McCullagh 


Has the RIAA changed what it's hoping to accomplish against
file-trading networks through legislation or litigation?

The overall policy hasn't changed. The ultimate goal is still the
same, which is to produce the most investment in the creative
process. We signed (a peace accord with the computer industry)
agreeing that tech mandates are not the way to go. But coming up with
an actual implementation of how you will target Kazaa (is more

By suing Morpheus, might you drive other networks further underground?

By suing Kazaa, you might force more people to go to eDonkey. But
there's always going to be companies that are willing to do this,
despite the risks. Our job is to make the risks high enough that fewer
companies are interested in taking those risks.

What are your plans regarding open-source or free software that
facilitates file sharing, which tends to be hosted at sites like

I don't know yet. We have dealt with the individual development of
peer-to-peer systems on college campuses when the OpenNap systems were
being developed. We have stopped college students from developing
independent networks and exporting those to other colleges. My guess
is that we would have to proceed the same way. But no decision has
been made in antipiracy strategy for open source yet.

When will you decide?

We're thinking about it now. Our antipiracy department, headed by Brad
Buckles, is constantly searching for how people are pirating our
materials. There are lots of ways of trying to deal with it. Some
include litigation.

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