[Politech] Use non-password-protected WiFi node, go to prison? [econ]

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Date: Tue Jul 05 2005 - 22:23:36 PDT


Wi-Fi cloaks a new breed of intruder
Though wireless mooching is preventable, it often goes undetected.

By ALEX LEARY, Times Staff Writer
Published July 4, 2005

ST. PETERSBURG - Richard Dinon saw the laptop's muted glow through the 
rear window of the SUV parked outside his home. He walked closer and 
noticed a man inside.

Then the man noticed Dinon and snapped his computer shut.

Maybe it's census work, the 28-year-old veterinarian told his 
girlfriend. An hour later, Dinon left to drive her home. The Chevy 
Blazer was still there, the man furtively hunched over his computer.

Dinon returned at 11 p.m. and the men repeated their strange dance.

Fifteen minutes later, Dinon called police.

Police say Benjamin Smith III, 41, used his Acer brand laptop to hack 
into Dinon's wireless Internet network. The April 20 arrest is 
considered the first of its kind in Tampa Bay and among only a few so 
far nationwide.

[...remainder snipped...]
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