[Politech] Feds push for wiretapping cell phones aloft: CALEA takes flight! [priv]

From: Declan McCullagh (declan@private)
Date: Tue Jul 12 2005 - 22:43:48 PDT

The FBI, Department of Homeland Security, and Justice Department 
submitted these comments to the FCC this month (a day after the 4th of 
July, in fact):

It's substantially the same as this:

But still worth noting. Excerpt:
For example, the use of satellite-based communications and data services 
onboard aircraft could potentially facilitate a coordinated attack 
between (1) a person on the aircraft and a person on the ground, (2) 
persons traveling on different aircraft, and/or (3) persons traveling on 
the same aircraft located in different sections of the cabin, who could 
communicate with one another using these services...

Other operational capabilities that the Departments request include that 
the satellite-based service provider or carrier be able, by a date 
certain, to:
(1) Expeditiously identify the verified location/seat number (if 
available) or
relative location (i.e. forward or aft) of the user of a given 
communications device on a given aircraft which has a communication in
(2) Expeditiously identify all broadband-enabled communications device 
on a given aircraft who have communications in progress to or with a
broadband-enabled communications device user onboard another aircraft
that are serviced by the same or an associated provider;
(3) Expeditiously interrupt a communication in progress on a given 
(4) Expeditiously conference law enforcement with or to a communication in
progress on a given aircraft;
(5) Expeditiously redirect all communications destined to or originating 
from a
given aircraft;
(6) Expeditiously terminate the ability of all broadband-enabled 
device users on a given aircraft to send or receive communications without
impairing the ability of authorized personnel to communicate;
(7) Provide the ability to transmit emergency law enforcement/public safety
information to airborne and terrestrial resources, as appropriate; and
(8) Provide a dedicated service or reserve bandwidth (which can be
accomplished through preemption protocols) to support the transmission and
reception of emergency communications information to and from aircraft
security elements, independent of passenger use;
(9) Assure the technology used is compatible with Wireless Priority 
Service to
enable National Security/Emergency Preparedness (NS/EP) users connectivity
in emergency situations.

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