Worm Report 1.2

From: aleph1at_private
Date: Mon Oct 01 2001 - 14:50:31 PDT

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    Worm Report 1.2
      by Robert S. Muhlestein (http://freshmeat.net/users/rmuhlestein/)
      Friday, September 21st 2001 09:54
    Categories: Internet :: WWW/HTTP, Internet :: WWW/HTTP :: HTTP Servers,
    Internet :: WWW/HTTP :: Site Management, Security, System :: Logging,
    System :: Monitoring, System :: Systems Administration, Utilities
    About: Worm Report is a very simple Perl script to filter out  the known
    worm hits from the access log, and put  them into their own files named for
    the IP/Host  that has been "wormed". A basic report containing  the count,
    hostname, ip, and a guess at the parent  domain is then printed to STDOUT
    to facilitate  contacting these individuals. This script is useful in  the
    short term to get the info to the people who  need it. Adding a new worm
    requires adding a new  worm hit string to the DATA section of the script, 
    nothing so fancy (or exhaustive) as an Apache  module. 
    Changes: This release contains a fix for a bug, affecting older Perl
    interpreters, where a mask is required for the mkdir command. It also more
    tightly checks the DATA section to safegaurd against the inclusion of blank
    lines, which would otherwise cause every log entry to be matched. 
    License: Public Domain
    URL: http://freshmeat.net/projects/wormreport/
    Elias Levy
    Si vis pacem, para bellum

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