Netdude 0.2 (Prerelease)

From: aleph1at_private
Date: Thu Oct 18 2001 - 12:37:26 PDT

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    Netdude 0.2 (Prerelease)
      by Christian Kreibich (
      Tuesday, October 16th 2001 01:54
    Category: System :: Networking
    About: Netdude is the NETwork DUmp data Displayer and Editor for tcpdump
    tracefiles. It is a GUI-based tool that allows you to make detailed changes
    to packets in tcpdump tracefiles.  In particular, it can set the value of
    every field in IP, TCP, and UDP packet headers, copy, move, and delete
    packets in the tracefile, and fragment and reassemble IP packets.  Netdude
    constantly communicates with a tcpdump process to update the familiar
    tcpdump output that corresponds to the trace, which means that any changes
    made to your local version of tcpdump are reflected in Netdude.   Netdude
    features a plugin architecture, and comes with a plugin for checksum
    correction in IP, TCP, and UDP and a dummy plugin.   Through the plugin
    mechanism, Netdude provides a good facility for writing tcpdump trace file
    Changes: Timestamp popup support, better notebook navigation, fix for
    loading issues with extended tcpdump files, "Truncated packet" pixmap
    previously missing from the releases, splash screen, "Recently used"
    entries in the file menu, option to show the full path or only the file
    name in the window title, modification indicator in the GUI, Added
    commandline option to print out the plugin directory, and an icon to use in
    your favourite file manager were added. Support for ARP/RARP and PPP was
    started, and all user-visible strings are now translatable.     
    License: BSD License
    Elias Levy
    Si vis pacem, para bellum

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