Nessus 1.1.7 (Experimental)

From: aleph1at_private
Date: Tue Oct 23 2001 - 21:16:22 PDT

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    Nessus 1.1.7 (Experimental)
      by Matthias Saou (
      Monday, October 22nd 2001 16:23
    Category: Security
    About: Nessus is a remote security scanner for Linux, BSD, Solaris, and
    other Unices. It is multi-threaded and plug-in-based, has a GTK interface,
    and performs over 500 remote security checks. It allows for reports to be
    generated in HTML, XML, LaTeX, and ASCII text, and suggests solutions for
    security problems.
    Changes: This release compiles on platforms without OpenSSL, has better
    Solaris support, and has been ported to Cygwin and Darwin. Unscanned ports
    can now be considered as closed or open (instead of just open) at users'
    choice. libtool has been upgraded to 1.4.2. A bug in the client which would
    make it display the wrong report when doing multiple scans has been fixed.
    The plugins filter has been enhanced. A serious problem in the SMB plugins
    has been fixed. nessus-mkrand has been added for hosts with no /dev/random
    and no EGD running.
    License: GNU General Public License (GPL)
    Elias Levy
    Si vis pacem, para bellum

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