[VulnWatch] Re: ZH2005-03SA -- multiple vulnerabilities in NukeBookmarks .6

From: Paul Laudanski (zx@private)
Date: Sat Mar 26 2005 - 10:33:25 PST

On 26 Mar 2005, Gerardo Astharot Di Giacomo wrote:
> Product: NukeBookmarks .6
> URL: http://nukebookmarks.sourceforge.net/

> 1) Full path disclosure
> It's possible to retrieve the full installation URL of the website. In "marks.php" file, there are some queries to the database. If some parameters miss or some strange characters are submitted, the functions that get results from the database will return an error.

I can understand how full path disclosure can be an issue, however, in a 
production environment the PHP settings to display errors ought to be 
disabled.  As such, full path disclosure goes away.

> 3) SQL Injection
> It's possible to get any content from the database by exploiting a SQL Injection vulnerability in "marks.php" file.
> This example will get the list of PHPNuke authors and the relative hashes of the passwords.

That is true if the default table names are used.  However it would be 
worth noting that with any web presence that uses a backend database, the 
prefix ought to be changed to something random and non-default.

Does this completely solve the issue, of course not, but it can stop the 
script kiddy attacks.  For more on this:


Thanks for the disclosure.


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