[VulnWatch] Source Boston 2008 security con, March 12-14

From: Chris Wysopal (weld@private)
Date: Tue Feb 19 2008 - 07:57:35 PST

There is a new security con coming up that I wanted to let people know
about.  I am on the advisory committee and I will be speaking as part of
the L0pht reunion panel.  The conference is Source Boston and it will be
occuring March 12-14 in Boston, Ma a few days before St. Patrick's Day.
So not only will there be great speakers but a Boston style pub crawl.

There is a great line up of speakers both from the technical side and the
business side so if you have any entrepreneurial inklings this should be
the perfect con for you.

Here is the schedule: http://www.sourceboston.com/sessions/

I hope to see you there!


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