[ISN] Radio Active Hackers Spin a Sticky Web

From: jerichot_private
Date: Thu Apr 16 1998 - 12:12:07 PDT

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    Forwarded From: Nicholas Charles Brawn <ncb05t_private>
    NEWEST kid on the youth radio block, 9inety6ix.1, figures it has either
    become the victim of a random act of computer hacking - or a sinister case
    of commercial sabotage. 
    Reacting to the news yesterday that their Website was hacked into and
    closed down at the weekend, senior sources at the western Sydney FM
    station said they hadn't ruled out commercial sabotage as a motive. 
    "Obviously we can't point any fingers and we have no way of knowing for
    sure how it happened, but it [sabotage] is something we have not
    discounted completely," a source said. 
    "Somebody went to a lot of trouble to single out our Website, break
    through the security we had in place and close the site down. 
    "Prior to this incident at the weekend, somebody was caught out phoning
    our offices asking a lot of strange questions and pretending to be from an
    advertising company." The incident comes only two weeks after the station
    commissioned radio raters, A.C. Neilsen to survey the greater western
    region which 9inety6ix.1 predominantly services and which is otherwise not
    included in the six-weekly ratings results. 
    The survey found that since 1996, the region's listening audience in the
    hotly contested 18-24 demographic has grown by 40 per cent. 
    And while some advertisers have reportedly warmed to the new station,
    others have not been so happy to welcome them to the Sydney radio fold. 
    9inety6ix.1 promotions director Mike Mackay says he is not only
    unperturbed by this most recent minor setback but rather encouraged by it. 
    "The fact that we have been hacked, the fact that we have had so much
    feedback and that our techniques are starting to be copied by other
    stations tells us we're doing something right," he said. 
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