[ISN] Digital Wiretapping in the Netherlands

From: jerichot_private
Date: Fri Apr 17 1998 - 01:55:03 PDT

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    From: "Maurice Wessling" <mauricet_private>
    Date: Tue, 7 Apr 1998 10:51:18 +0000
    Subject: File 1--Digital wiretapping in the Netherlands
    XS4ALL Internet
    Monday, April 6th 1998
    Dutch parliament about to approve tapping paragraph after
    pressure from Internal Security Agency.
    A letter from the Internal Security Agency (BVD) to the leaders
    of the four largest parties in parliament has played a key role
    in ensuring that in all likelyhood, a majority of dutch
    parliament will vote to include a controversial paragraph in the
    new telecommunications law. In an attempt to secure government
    access to telecommunication between citizens, the new
    telecommunications law includes a paragraph that, among other
    things,  forces ISPs to make their networks tappable, at their
    own expense.
    In the letter, the BVD stresses the need for expansion of its
    tapping capabilities. The dutch labour party (PvdA), the largest
    party in The Netherlands, withdrew its objections against the law
    upon receiving the letter.
    Internet Service Providers, legal experts, business community
    representatives, and the dutch government privacy watchdog
    organization have expressed concern over the extention of tapping
    capabilities for police and intelligence organizations. The new
    law places a large financial burden on providers. Furthermore,
    the necessity to expand the tapping capabilities was not
    documented or argumented for.
    XS4ALL, one of the countries largest ISPs has appealed to
    parliament on several occasions to postpone the tapping paragraph
    (chapter 13 of the new law) until the minister properly documents
    the need for such radical changes. Of the large parties, only
    D'66 will vote for postponing the tapping paragraph
    Maurice Wessling <mauricet_private>
    Public Affairs
    XS4ALL Internet
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
    pub  1024/D9C69DF9 1997/10/14 Steve Mynott <stevet_private>
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