[ISN] Risk Points for Internet Connected Companies

From: jerichot_private
Date: Fri Apr 17 1998 - 01:18:47 PDT

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    According to a survey carried out by Reed Exhibitions, the easiest way to
    steal large companies' vital information is through the Internet gateways
    of their accountants, lawyers, advertising and PR agencies. 
    Reed claims that 62 per cent of these professional advisors are using the
    Internet without any security, needlessly exposing their clients' data to
    potential theft, breaches of confidentiality, manipulation of data and
    deletion of files. 
    According to the company, which is organising the Infosecurity 98 show,
    which takes place in London on April 28, many large companies which invest
    millions on their IT security systems may not have realised their systems
    are being circumvented by their professional advisors. 
    The survey, which was commissioned by Reed and Check Point Software
    Technologies, claims to show that 80 per cent of medium-sized professional
    advisors use the internet as a business tool, and of these, 62 per cent
    were doing so without any Internet security. 
    Of the 80 per cent using the Internet, Reed claims that 56 per cent had it
    connected to their networks, of which only 18 per cent had a firewall in
    Tim Porter, the Infosecurity 98 event manager, said the results were
    extremely worrying. "If companies use the Internet without a firewall or
    other forms of security, it is like leaving the front door of your house
    wide open, allowing anyone to steal your prized possessions," he
    explained.  Porter clams the survey has exposed a major rupture in "the IT
    security chain". Large companies, he notes, often spend millions on their
    own IT security, but are ignoring their professional suppliers' security
    Steve Barnett, Check Point UK's managing director, said that, as the use
    of Internet technology continued to skyrocket, the scale of this issue was
    almost too frightening to predict. 
    "The results of the survey highlight the fact that large companies
    investing millions in IT security systems could in fact be wasting time,
    resources and money if security breaches are occurring via professional
    advisors," he said. 
    According to Porter, everyone is aware of the issue of viruses and the
    importance of passwords, "however it is obvious that most companies are
    totally unaware of the dangers of not having a firewall". 
    Further details of the survey, as well as InfoSecurity 98's three-day
    event, can be found on the Web at http://www.infosec.co.uk.
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