[ISN] Info on DOD/DISA/DEM Software 'hack'

From: mea culpa (jerichot_private)
Date: Thu Apr 23 1998 - 13:43:44 PDT

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     [Moderator: Now how hard would this have been for the journalist
      writing the story? <sigh>]
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     From what I can see, the DISA DEM software was/is publically available
     at http://tcoss.safb.af.mil/common/HTML/DSC_support.htm (the link is
     broken though).
     No wonder the feds didn't bother to come after them ;-)
     By the looks of ftp://tcoss.safb.af.mil :
     220 tcoss2 Microsoft FTP Service (Version 3.0).
     Name (tcoss.safb.af.mil:root): ftp
     331 Anonymous access allowed, send identity (e-mail name) as password.
     230 Anonymous user logged in.
     ftp> dir
     200 PORT command successful.
     150 Opening ASCII mode data connection for /bin/ls.
     11-20-97  05:16PM       <DIR>          ActiveX
     01-27-98  02:47PM       <DIR>          disd
     04-15-98  09:00PM       <DIR>          Disn-W
     03-12-98  08:33PM       <DIR>          DITCO
     04-14-98  01:45PM                    0 dspd8.tmp
     04-17-98  12:20PM       <DIR>          MCI_TCOSS
     04-23-98  06:59AM       <DIR>          PDCBOOK
     03-24-98  08:10PM       <DIR>          R&R
     04-15-98  06:52PM       <DIR>          TSRE
     11-20-97  05:27PM       <DIR>          WinFrame
     ftp> cd Disn-W
     550 Disn-W: Access is denied.
     So it appears the "highly technical crack team" just ftp'd the
     software. Wow.
     They fixed the perms on the dir last week.
     And what they got:
     A software tool set called DEM (Visual Basic Programming based) melds
     the day
     to day network operations and maintenance efforts. DEM provides the
     RAVN team with a user friendly/graphical based set of tools that allow
     real-time network access for monitoring, control, re-configuration and
     testing of the critical pieces of hardware/software that make up the
     composite RAVN architecture. Both RIMS and DEM data bases are hosted
     on a
     stand alone RAVN server operated and maintained by NTAC personnel. The
     is accessible via a Local Area Network connection and supports up to
     simultaneous users.
     Sounds rather useless unless you have the databases of network
     equipment and
     device authentication parameters.
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