[ISN] MOD Gain Access To Network Topology Maps

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Thu May 14 1998 - 01:38:17 PDT

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    [Moderator: Can any of our Military readers verify any portion, or
     factually shoot down any statements here?]
    AntiOnline's Coverage Of The Defense Information Systems Network
    (DISN) Hackers
    MOD Gain Access To Network Topology Maps
    The MOD have just made it known to AntiOnline that they have gained
    access to nearly 140 network topology maps from a military server. The
    maps, according to the MOD,  show the exact make up, complete with
    dial-up numbers and IP addresses, of secured video and data networks
    used by the United States military. They also say that the maps show
    data connection routes and types between dozens of military and
    governmental installations, including NORAD, The North American Air
    Defense Command, and Edwards Airforce Base. They even contain
    information about where future data connections and lines will be
    installed, according to the MOD spokesperson.
    They also claim to have maps of the DISN-LES, which "provides
    connectivity to major Commanders-in-Chief (CINCs) locations and
    supports research and development, Command and Control (C2), Modeling
    and Simulation and Intelligence communities", according to the
    official military description of the network.
     "This is yet another stepping stone toward getting access to high
    level, classified military materials" a MOD spokesperson tells
    AntiOnline in an exclusive online interview. The maps, some of which
    bear the official seal from numerous governmental agencies, including
    both DARPA(Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) and  the
    DISA(Defense Information Systems Agency), range in detail from
    specific internal  lans, to vast overviews of networks which stretch
    country, and even world wide. The MOD has sent AntiOnline a selection
    of "samples which demonstrate the validity  of our claims" states a
    MOD spokesperson. AntiOnline has chosen not to publish these 
    "samples" due to the nature of the materials that they contain.
    However, after careful study and research of the "samples", AntiOnline
    can confirm with a great deal of certainty their validity, and their
    potential to provide the MOD with that next "stepping stone" that they
    are looking for.
     When asked what their mission was, the MOD spokesperson said simply
    "to get as far into the US military network as possible, if we happen
    upon classified materials, well, that's just a bonus". The MOD, which
    consists of a group of 15 hackers, 8 from the US,  5 from the UK, and
    2 from Russia, made their mission public several weeks ago when  they
    presented AntiOnline with the DEM software which they claimed to have
    stolen from a DISN server (Defense Information Systems Network). An
    official spokesperson for the DISA said that by itself, the software
    is not classified. But the MOD say not only  do they have the
    software, but also have databases of information and configuration
    files, which would allow them to shut down the entire DISN. 
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