[ISN] Disk Encrypter - hardware solution

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Thu May 14 1998 - 21:30:47 PDT

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    When I saw this thread I immediately remembered reading about a relatively
    new product but the people who make it hadn't made the requisite sacrifices
    to the search engine gods yet, so I couldn't pull them up until I dug up
    the rag I'd read it in...
    Check out:
    The CryptCard is a Type II PCMCIA Encryption Card. It can be installed in
    any PC-notebook with a free PCMCIA slot. Its major features include:
           Full Access Control.
           Transparent High Speed Encryption.
           Resource Management.
           User Audit Trail.
           NIST Validated to conform to the Data Encryption Standard of FIPS
           Publication 46-1. CryptCard also conforms to FIPS Publication 81,
           DES Modes of Operation.
    An effective security system must function independently of the processor
    in the notebook PC to prevent performance degradation. This independence
    demands that the security system have its own processor which is
    physically and logically separated from the main processor. The processor
    in the notebook PC will still be used for normal applications while the
    security processor will be used to control user access, encrypt data,
    manage encryption keys, and log events. The processor in the CryptCard has
    its own peripherals for data and program storage, encryption and
    decryption, and for tracking time (Real Time Clock). The CryptCard is
    virtually a total computer system on its own and operates completely
    independent of the notebook PC. 
    - ----
    They hawk it as a solution just for notebook computers, but frankly, I
    can't think of a technical reason why adding a +/- $99 PCMCIA card reader
    into a desktop PC and using this card wouldn't work.
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