[ISN] Network Associates Acquires Secure Networks Inc

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Thu May 14 1998 - 21:26:31 PDT

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    Leading Network Vulnerability Assessment Tool Expands Arsenal of Security Products
    SANTA CLARA, Calif. May 12, 1998 - Network Associates, formed by the
    merger of McAfee Associates and Network General and the acquisitions of
    Pretty Good Privacy and Trusted Information Systems, today announced that
    it signed a definitive agreement to acquire privately-held Secure Networks
    Inc.  (SNI). The SNI acquisition extends Network Associates' network
    security and management products to include state-of-the-art vulnerability
    assessment technology. Vulnerability assessment or "security scanning"
    allows businesses to check the security of their networks before hackers
    or hostile insiders can steal or damage data. This announcement
    distinguishes Network Associates as the only company to offer an
    integrated suite of network security products that includes firewalls,
    global VPNs, intrusion detection, audit analysis, encryption,
    authentication, anti-virus and now the world's best security scanner. 
    SNI's products, including the Ballista security auditing scanner, extend
    Network Associates' Net Tools Secure suite. By incorporating Ballista into
    Net Tools Secure, Network Associates leads a new trend in the network
    vulnerability assessment market towards suite-based offerings that
    integrate best-of-breed technologies at one low price, and away from
    stand-alone products. 
    "With Net Tools Secure, we give customers the ability to find the security
    holes in their networks, plug the holes by tuning their firewalls and then
    monitor against further attack with intrusion detection," said Peter
    Watkins General Manager of the Net Tools Secure Division at Network
    Associates. "Over the next several months we will continue integrating our
    firewall and intrusion detection products to provide a dynamic security
    defense that monitors for weaknesses or attacks and adapts the network's
    security configuration for active response." 
    "Ballista has long been recognized as a superior scanning technology
    amongst security industry observers," said Arthur Wong, president of SNI.
    "With the power of Network Associates' distribution and marketing
    infrastructures, Ballista will surpass today's popular scanning
    technologies like those provided by ISS (Nasdaq: ISSX). Ultimately,
    customers will realize that stand-alone scanning products are really just
    features in search of a product." 
    SNI is a leading provider of security assessment software and computer
    security research and consulting. By simulating attacks on the network,
    SNI's Ballista network security scanner exposes security weaknesses in
    networked environments. A recent April 13, 1998, Info World review
    described Ballista as: "Even if you already own another auditing tool from
    Internet Security Systems (ISS), this [Ballista] advanced network-security
    auditing tool is so complete that once you use it, you'll wonder how you
    ever got along without it." 
    The acquisition of SNI also adds industry leading research expertise in
    hacker techniques and intrusion detection to Network Associates' rapidly
    growing arsenal of research labs. With more than 150 researchers in virus
    detection, intrusion detection and advanced firewall technology on five
    continents, Network Associates is able to provide customers with
    up-to-the- minute information on the latest security threats as well as
    state-of-the-art technology and products for combating them. 
    Network Associates' Net Tools Secure suite is the industry's most
    comprehensive set of security products encompassing enterprise encryption,
    authentication, intrusion detection, audit analysis, anti-virus, firewall,
    global virtual private network and network vulnerability assessment. Net
    Tools Secure is available now and is priced at $49 per user for 5000
    With headquarters in Santa Clara, California, Network Associates, Inc.,
    formed by the merger of McAfee Associates and Network General, is a
    leading supplier of enterprise network security and management solutions.
    Network Associates' Net Tools Secure and Net Tools Manager offer
    best-of-breed, suite-based network security and management solutions. Net
    Tools Secure and Net Tools Manager suites combine to create Net Tools,
    which centralizes these point solutions within an easy-to-use, integrated
    systems management environment. For more information, Network Associates
    can be reached at (408) 988-3832 or on the Internet at http://www.nai.com. 
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