[ISN] 3Com Issues Security Fix to LAN Switches

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Wed May 20 1998 - 05:54:23 PDT

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    3Com Issues Security Fix To LAN Switches
    (05/15/98; 2:04 p.m. EST)
    By Jeff Caruso, InternetWeek 
    3Com Friday advised users to close a security "back door" to some
    CoreBuilder and SuperStack II LAN switches, adding that a software fix
    will be ready on May 20.
    The door was thrown wide open when special login names and passwords
    were distributed on Internet chat groups. These special logins were
    intended to give 3Com customer service representatives access to the
    switches for configuration and analysis if a user loses a password. Now,
    almost anyone can get in.
    3Com has advised users log in to their switches using the special
    logins, then change the password. Here are the special logins:
    For the CoreBuilder 6000/2500 or the SuperStack II 2200, the user name
    is "debug" and the password is "synnet"; for the CoreBuilder 7000 or the
    SuperStack II Switch 2700, the user name is "tech" and the password is
    3Com said the CoreBuilder 3500 and SuperStack II Switch 3900 and 9300
    also have these mechanisms, but noted the special login password always
    matches the admin password.
    3Com further advised users change the Simple Network Management Protocol
    (SNMP) Community string from the default to a confidential identifier
    chosen by the network manager. The admin password is available through
    an MIB variable when accessed through the read/write SNMP Community
    string, 3Com said. This problem affects the CoreBuilder 2500/6000/3500
    and SuperStack II Switch 2200/3900/9300.
    The advisory is posted at www.3com.com/news/advisory51498.html
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