RE: [ISN] Editorial - Hacker Vs. Cracker, Revisited

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Tue Jun 02 1998 - 05:27:49 PDT

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    [Moderator: We can debate this forever.. so a couple more replies and we
     will move on.]
    Reply From: Mysidia <>
    > Reply From: "Simon Johnson" <simonat_private>
    > Hello Everyone,
    > has no idea what they are talking about. For the benefit of the world here
    > are my definitions. I'm sure most of you will agree:
    > 1. A hacker is a person who attempts to, or gains unauthorised access to a
    > computer system.
            Uh..., that act is hacking; however, it's not the only
    thing that's hacking: the act of hacking is simply defeating security
    systems/protections inplace. The term `hacking` is also used by
    programmers to refer to tweaking the source code to a program so that it will
    work/compile as desired; furthermore, by no means does hacking imply
    unauthorized access, but it still could be unauthorized access in which
    case the person is just a corrupt/evil hacker, which IMHO classes them as a
    `lamer`/ `luser`, a term which you didn't list <G>.
    > 2. A cracker is a person who breaks copyright protection on software.
    	nearly completely true, but the name `cracker` can be assigned
    to someone attempting to violate the security integrity of any
    program/machine using known methods.. hackers and crackers are similar and
    in the past, i've seen the two names used interchangeably (though that
    might be incorrect)...
    > 3. Warez kiddies or warez traders are people who copy pirated software.
            you -can- call them this, but I rather know of them  as 'pirates'
      as 'warez' itself is part of a word mutilated to suit the "warez traders"...<g>
    > 5. A Phreaker is a person who manipulates the telephone or telephone system to gain free telephone calls.
         good enough:)
    > In the last 2-3 years we have seen:
    > 6. Tools kiddies are people who use automated tools to hack. (eg: Internet
    > Scanners, port scanners etc.. )
    > 7. DOS Kiddies are similar to Tools kiddies but use automated tools to
    > conduct Denial of Service attacks on others. (Usually on IRC).
    > As far as I am concerned this whole thing is black and white, there are no
    > in-betweens. A cracker and a hacker are two different things! Anyone who
    > makes up new names like "Spider", "White Hacker", "Phracker", "Warez Doodz"
        well... those terms have been come up by people on this internet
    network; whose to say others can't coin terms they think are needed...? *evilgrin*
                               -- Mysidia
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