RE: [ISN] Editorial - Hacker Vs. Cracker, Revisited

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Tue Jun 02 1998 - 05:28:38 PDT

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    Reply From: "H. Morrow Long" <morrow.longat_private>
    How about we call people for what they are, regardless of whether they
    are operating in the real or 'cyber' world :
    *	Intruders are people who break in where they don't belong
    	(including computer systems and networks).
    *	Vandals are people who deface text and art (including people
    	who mess up Web pages on servers after they have broken in).
    *	Thieves and burglars are people who steal things (including
    	people who break into computers and obtain information or
    *	Swindlers and "con artists" are people who sucker money
    	(or both tangibles and intangibles such as information)
    	from the gullible or unsuspecting (including users on the Net).
    *	Impersonators are people who claim to be someone else.
    *	Forgers are people who fake versions of purportedly genuine
    	official information.
    *	Fences are people who receive and sell stolen property
    	(which could be physical or intellectual).
    Isn't that much clearer than defining who (or what) is a hacker or cracker?
    - H. Morrow Long
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