[ISN] Full Armor Bug

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Thu Jun 11 1998 - 13:32:21 PDT

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    From: Kimmie Dicaire [ mailto:kdicaireat_private]
    To: BUGTRAQat_private
    Version: Full Armor Network Configurator and Full Armor Zero
    Administration Operating System: Win95/NT
    This is an alert for Full Armor made by Micah Software and rated very high
    in PC Week.  While being a part of a team that was to install and
    standardize all the desktops throughout a company this hack was
    discovered.  The software itself is a desktop protection software that has
    many many more options than the regular poledit that comes with Win95,
    although it does utilize and expand on the poledit program.  The
    problem/hack comes into play when you get the Full Armor warning that you
    don't have rights (or any other Full Armor dialog box) if instead of just
    clicking the ok button to remove the dialog box, instead you choose <ctrl>
    + <alt> + <del> to get to the task manager you can end task on Full Armor
    and remove all the protected areas, thus having full access to everything
    on your destop/PC. 
    The has been tested on both 486 and Pentium machine's all running Win95
    and the hack is reproduced everytime. There is no current work around for
    this hack. 
    I have been in contact with the software developer's at Micah and they are
    currently re-working the code that should have a fix for this by tomorrow
    morning (6-9-10).  If you are running Full Armor it is recommended that
    you get this fix when it becomes available. 
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