Re: [ISN] Strong Crypto Kills?

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Fri Jun 12 1998 - 07:44:10 PDT

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    Reply From: Josh Rouleau <jrouleauat_private>
    >            CRYPTO KILLS -- REALLY, IT DOES
    >  "We can count on the fact that the spread of strong encryption is
    >  going to mean that lives are going to be lost," Litt said. "People
    >  are going to be at greater risk because it is going to compromize
    >  law enforcement's ability to investigate [crimes]."
     Since we all dont have the luxury of living in FANTASY land like the
    government my concern is...OK... you get your backdoor...Now, how much
    abuse will there be of this backdoor? I think not only will there be abuse
    but it will be flagrant and blatent. If a person wanted to commit a murder
    or any crime of similar nature do you think they are going to be using
    encrypted data transfer or email anyways? Do you Actually think that your
    going to prevent someone bent on commiting any crime just because you can
    get their data?
    Also, you only make it easier for them to commit their crimes because if
    you have a backdoor how long do you think in this day in age it's going to
    take for some one to find and exploit such a breach anyways? The only
    people who end up losing will be those who have legimate cases for use of
    encryption. IMHO by enabling this backdoor you now have the potential of
    increased cases of electronic hijacking of Data and blackmail.
    Am I being paranoid here?
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