[ISN] Teen Crackers Admit Guilt

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Fri Jun 12 1998 - 09:12:58 PDT

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       Teen Crackers Admit Guilt
       Wired News Report 
       1:10pm  11.Jun.98.PDT
       Two California teenagers have pleaded guilty to federal charges of
       cracking Pentagon computers, the San Francisco Chronicle reports.
       Terms of the plea are still being negotiated after a meeting last week
       between attorneys for the youths and federal officials, the newspaper
       said. Neither youth is expected to serve time in custody, sources
       close to the case said.
       In February, the FBI raided the Cloverdale homes of the two suspected
       crackers -- nicknamed Makaveli, 16, and TooShort, 15 -- and seized
       computers believed to have been used to break into unclassified
       computer systems in government agencies, military bases, and
       The youths were never formally arrested in the FBI probe. US Deputy
       Defense Secretary John Hamre called the breach "the most organized and
       systematic attack" to date on Pentagon systems.
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