[ISN] Microsoft Enhances Network Security with ISS' Internet Scanner

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Sat Jun 13 1998 - 14:10:46 PDT

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    Microsoft Enhances Network Security with ISS' Internet Scanner
    ~ ISS's Industry-Leading Vulnerability Detection Software Helps Microsoft to
    Proactively Protect Global Network ~
    ATLANTA, Ga. - June 8, 1998 - Internet Security Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:
    ISSX)  the leading supplier of adaptive security management software,
    today announced that its Internet Scanner™ enterprise vulnerability
    scanning software, an ISS SAFEsuite™ solution, has been selected by
    Microsoft's Information Technology Group (NASDAQ:MSFT) to bring
    information protection to the next level across its worldwide network. 
    "Microsoft has a comprehensive set of security policies and need for
    proactive security management of thousands of distributed Windows NT
    systems across the world," said Howard Schmidt, director of information
    security for Microsoft. "We selected ISS due mainly to its strengths in
    assessing Windows NT security. Internet Scanner is a comprehensive, easy
    to use system that enables us to get the most out of the robust security
    capabilities built into Windows NT. I can also rely on ISS and their
    XForce Team of engineers to provide frequent vulnerability updates,
    thereby enhancing the timeliness of our proactive security assessment
    Microsoft will leverage ISS' Internet Scanner to assess and manage
    security policies across their enterprise, saving valuable time and
    resources.  Internet Scanner's automatic vulnerability detection
    capabilities will assist Microsoft in identifying potential security holes
    and ensure that network devices are in compliance with established
    security policies.  Internet Scanner can also suggest detailed corrective
    actions and produce a wide range of security risk reports Microsoft can
    use to obtain the critical information necessary to make informed
    decisions and implement effective security measures. 
    The ISS XForce - a senior research and development team dedicated to
    collecting and identifying new security weaknesses and translating this
    security knowledge into ISS SAFEsuite solutions - will also offer
    Microsoft regular updates to Internet Scanner, ensuring that Microsoft's
    systems are swiftly protected from recently discovered security threats. 
    "Microsoft's large, dynamic global network requires an effective and
    powerful solution that can proactively manage security risks across a
    large enterprise environment, as well as maintain a constant high level of
    security as that environment inevitably grows and changes," said Tom
    McNeight, ISS's vice president of sales. "By deploying ISS's
    enterprise-wide vulnerability detection and analysis software, Microsoft
    can automatically assess the security performance of its existing systems
    at any point in time, proactively detecting and responding to the growing
    number of network vulnerabilities and threats." 
    About Internet Security Systems
    Internet Security Systems, Inc. is the leading provider of adaptive
    network security monitoring, detection and response software that protects
    the security and integrity of enterprise information systems. By
    dynamically detecting and responding to security vulnerabilities and
    threats inherent in open systems, ISS's SAFEsuite family of products
    provide protection across the enterprise, including the Internet,
    extranets and internal networks, from attacks, misuse and security policy
    violations. The Company has delivered its network security, monitoring,
    detection and response solutions to organizations worldwide, including
    firms in the Global 2000, 9 of the ten largest U.S. commercial banks and
    over 35 governmental agencies. For more information, call ISS at
    678-443-6142 or 800-776-2362 or visit the ISS Web site at HYPERLINK
    This release, other than historical information, may include
    forward-looking statements with respect to achieving corporate objectives,
    developing Internet, network and other security products, expanding and
    diversifying the Company's customer base and sales channels, and certain
    other matters.  These statements are made under the "safe harbor"
    provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 and
    involve risks and uncertainties which could cause actual results to differ
    materially from those in the forward-looking statements, including but not
    limited to the risks identified in the Company's filings with the
    Securities and Exchange Commission. These filings can be obtained either
    by contacting ISS Investor Relations or through the Securities and
    Exchange Commission's Web site at http://www.sec.gov. 
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