[ISN] Anonymizer Dialup Protects Net Privacy At Connection Level

From: mea culpa (jerichot_private)
Date: Wed Jul 01 1998 - 05:26:55 PDT

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    DATE:   19 June, 1998  Contact:    Michael Lamb
                                       (619) 220-8277
    Anonymizer Dialup Protects Net Privacy At Connection Level
      San Diego, CA -- Privacy surpassed all other concerns of
    surveyed Internet users according to an online survey (1997)
    conducted by the Graphic, Visualization & Usability Center at
    Georgia Tech. The reality of threats to privacy must be fought
    at every opportunity.  Services on the Internet require
    personal information at every turn and distresses an increasing
    number of Internet users.  Responding to the vehement demand
    for Internet privacy at every level, Anonymizer, Inc., a San
    Diego based company offering tools to solve Internet privacy
    problems, now provides anonymous dialup connections across the
    United States. Anonymizer Dialup is the dawning of a new era in
    digital communications.  The publicist can arrange interviews
    with Lance Cottrell, CEO of Anonymizer Inc., whose company
    provides the most comprehensive Internet identity protection
    services in the world. Interested media should contact Michael
    Lamb at (619) 220-8277.
      Lance Cottrell, CEO of Anonymizer, Inc. sees Anonymizer Dialup
    as only the next step in protecting Internet privacy. 
    "Anonymizer Dialup protects the user's identity no matter what
    they're doing," said Cottrell.  "It acts as a first line of
    defense against attempts to track or identify people."
    Combined with Anonymizer's e-mail and Anonymizer Surfing
    systems, Internet users can now be protected behind a double
    wall of iron clad security.  Access Anonymizer services by
    visiting http://www.anonymizer.com.
      The Anonymizer Dialup service provides high-speed, unlimited
    Internet dialup connections in many major metropolitan areas
    across the United States, including San Diego, Silicon Valley,
    New York City, Philadelphia, Chicago and Los Angeles.  The
    service will expand to Washington DC and several other cities
    in the near future. The pre-paid service does not require the
    customer to supply any personal information.  Anonymizer Dialup
    includes e-mail, news groups and access to Anonymizer Surfing,
    which protects against threats to personal privacy while
    visiting web sites.  Anonymizer Dialup users can connect to the
    Internet without revealing any personal information, even to
    the connection provider.
      Lance Cottrell, an internationally recognized advocate of
    Internet privacy and expert on Internet issues, may be
    interviewed by television, radio, Internet and print media.
    Interested media should contact Michael Lamb at (619) 220-8277.
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