Re: [ISN] Anonymizer Dialup Protects Net Privacy At Connection Level

From: mea culpa (jerichot_private)
Date: Wed Jul 01 1998 - 20:53:50 PDT

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    Reply From: John Jackson <tpublict_private>
    Perhaps we need an InfoSec News Discussion list for debunking and debating
    about issues like these...
    |  The Anonymizer Dialup service provides high-speed, unlimited
    |Internet dialup connections in many major metropolitan areas
    |across the United States, including San Diego, Silicon Valley,
    |New York City, Philadelphia, Chicago and Los Angeles.  The
    |service will expand to Washington DC and several other cities
    |in the near future. The pre-paid service does not require the
    |customer to supply any personal information.  Anonymizer Dialup
    |includes e-mail, news groups and access to Anonymizer Surfing,
    |which protects against threats to personal privacy while
    |visiting web sites.  Anonymizer Dialup users can connect to the
    |Internet without revealing any personal information, even to
    |the connection provider.
    Thanks for the effort, but nothing going to stop the feds from requesting a
    wiretap if they can figure out which dialup the city is in (and it doesn't
    hurt to subpoena their records to find out what ISPs they use).
    A little bit o' knowledge of routing can even point someone in the right
    direction, and a bit of human networking might even be able to get you want
    you want as well (perhaps even social engineering).
    We have there a couple of vague examples of how someone would legitamately,
    and illegally, geather enough information to help them track who you is.
    Unless of course, they use keen technology like onion routing...
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