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From: mea culpa (jerichot_private)
Date: Mon Jul 06 1998 - 19:14:42 PDT

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    Securing all pagers
    V-One, SkyTel team to encrypt two-way paging network
    By Jim Kerstetter and John G. Spooner, PC Week Online 
    V-One Corp. and SkyTel Corp. are the latest vendors teaming up to make
    pager networks secure from hackers. 
    V-One, of Germantown, Md., this week will announce a deal to provide
    encryption services to SkyTel's two-way network and Wireless Access pagers
    used in that network. 
    The companies are looking to assuage security fears created by events such
    as last fall's breach of the Secret Service's presidential security
    detail. In that attack, a group of hackers using a PC, a police scanner
    and emulation hardware intercepted messages between Secret Service agents
    and posted them on the Web. 
    IT managers don't yet see a dire need for more security for their pagers,
    though some believe better protection will increase the use of certain
    wireless devices. 
    "Most of the time, pages going out to [employees] are not confidential," 
    said Frank Nagle, IT application support manager in Hewlett-Packard Co.'s
    software services group, in Mountain View, Calif. "That's not to say that
    if you put encryption on [pagers], it will not open up new avenues of
    With the introduction of its SmartGate 4.0 virtual private network server,
    which supports wireless networks, V-One hopes to encourage IT managers to
    take another look at pager security. 
    Using the SmartGate 4.0 server and client software, called SecurePage,
    that runs on each pager, SkyTel will extend authentication and an RC4,
    128-bit symmetric-key algorithm from RSA Data Security Inc., of Redwood
    City, Calif., to two-way pagers from Wireless Access Inc. 
    SmartGate 4.0, located in SkyTel's Network Operating Center, in
    Washington, registers and tracks users. SecurePage enables users to
    authenticate themselves with a PIN. 
    With cellular phones and pagers becoming ubiquitous, the number of vendors
    with security solutions for wireless devices is growing. 
    Ericsson Inc., for example, is shipping security software, called Ericsson
    Virtual Office, which uses RSA encryption to create a secure data link
    into corporate networks, said officials in Research Triangle Park, N.C. 
    And Nokia Corp.'s 9000 Communicator GSM phone uses RSA's BSafe 3.0 tool
    kit to allow Nokia users to establish an SSL-encrypted channel, officials
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