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Date: Mon Jul 06 1998 - 19:12:17 PDT

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    Forwarded From: "Jay D. Dyson" <jdysont_private>
    Courtesy of Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) List
    From: "Phillip A. Porras [(650) 859-3232]" <porrast_private>
     Last Call for papers for the Journal of Computer Security Special
     Issues on Research in Intrusion Detection.  The submission date 
     should be on or before July 15th 1998.  Please direct all questions
     regarding this special issue to Phil Porras (porrast_private).
                          The Journal of Computer Security
                                    CALL FOR PAPERS
                   Special Issue: Research in Intrusion Detection
    There has been a recent resurgence in efforts within the intrusion-detection 
    research community to investigate and extend intrusion-detection technology 
    to larger distributed computing environments, including work to address such
    issues as scalability, interoperability, distributed correlation, dynamic 
    deployment, and autonomous operation.  Among such efforts has been work 
    involving the cross-pollination of intrusion-detection research with other
    communities, such as  the information retrieval and network management 
    communities.  In addition,  interest has arisen in applying intrusion-detection 
    technology to  new problem domains, such as fraud detection in financial
    transactions and operations monitoring of telecommunications infrastructures.  
    This special issue seeks papers that describe research beyond the scope or 
    orthogonal to what the commercial intrusion-detection community is producing.  
    The intent is to capture results from key efforts in the field, and to 
    understand the directions and motivations that are driving current and future 
    research in this area.   Papers are solicited on all  aspects of intrusion 
    detection, including the extension of intrusion-detection techniques to new 
    problem domains, as well as the application of other techniques to intrusion 
    detection.  Suggested topics include, but are not limited to  
      * Active response capabilities and cooperative decision support 
      * Cooperation policies and distributed correlation across administrative 
      * Cross pollination of intrusion-detection techniques and applications 
        with other disciplines 
      * Formalization of activity modeling 
      * Integration into large scale environments, including efficient methods 
        for high-volume event analysis 
      * Integration of intrusion-detection capabilities into existing network 
        services, infrastructure, and management frameworks  
      * Interoperability and reusability among intrusion-detection modules  
        Service-oriented intrusion-detection architectures (including work 
        toward supportive services such as intrusion-detection management, 
        dynamic registration, event collection, results interpretation) 
    The selections for this special issue will consist of  high-quality original 
    unpublished research, case studies and implementation experiences.  
                      Instructions for submitting manuscripts
    Authors are invited to submit five copies of their contributions to any of the 
    special issue editors. Submissions should be received by  July 15, but earlier 
    submissions are encouraged. Manuscripts must be in English (dbl-spaced; 12 pt.). 
    Each copy should have a cover page with title, name and address (including 
    e-mail address) of author(s), an abstract of no more than 200 words, and a list 
    of identifying keywords.  
                               Important Dates
    July 15, 1998 ....... Due date for five (5) copies of full manuscript 
                       Editor of the Special Issue
                             Phillip A. Porras
                        Computer Science Laboratory
                             SRI International
                           333 Ravenswood Avenue
                            Menlo Park CA  94025
                            phone: 650-859-3232
                            fax:  650-859-2844
    The Journal of Computer Security is an archival journal published quarterly. 
    Its purpose is to present research and development results of lasting 
    significance in the theory, design, implementation, analysis and application 
    of secure computer systems. The Journal of Computer Security represents today 
    a main forum for ideas about the meaning and implications of security and 
    privacy, particularly those with important consequences for the technical 
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