[ISN] DoD Plans Global Domestic Invasion

From: mea culpa (jerichot_private)
Date: Fri Jul 10 1998 - 02:07:56 PDT

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    Originally from John Young <jyat_private> via SLF
    DoD released today the text of a June 11 speech which
    describes how the military is planning for the first time
    in US history to establish a homeland defense command,
    to operate inside US borders for protection against terrorism
    and weapons of mass destruction:
    A special unit will handle cyber threats.
    The CINC-US will be a vast increase over the traditional
    role of domestic law enforcement by FBI, ATF and other
    federal, state and local authorities, lately supplemented
    by the National Guard, FEMA, PCCIP, and the newly
    formed COIA at Commerce and the President's special 
    office on domestic terrorism.
    Deputy Secretary of Defense Hamre said the command
    will work with the newly formed Defense Threat Reduction
    Agency (DTRA) which will be under C4I of DoD.
    Another press release today covered Hamre's June 22 
    speech in Vienna where he outlined similar measures for 
    European defense through NATO:
    Finally, the Wash Post had a report today on DoD's
    attempt to come up with workable plans for offensive
    cyberwar -- which is claimed to be the serious first 
    serious competitor for the nuclear threat in fifty years:
    It says that a component of cyberwar offense is regular prowling
    of other countries networks and military command systems 
    for the purpose of "pre-planning the battlefield."
    That this is the way DoD justifies ignoring the limitations of 
    intel agencies' need to get presidential approval for invading 
    the borders of other countries. "Cyberspace is borderless," 
    says the Pentagon.
    Many covert prowling, surveilling and crashing tools
    are in operation or poised to take down systems like those
    of the nuclear command and control systems of 
    Pakistan and India should the need arise. One guy
    brags that any one of a dozen experts in the US 
    "could take out a country in six hours" by disrupting
    cyber infrastructure, and that might be looming for
    the US.
    Is it true infowar, or is it whistling in the dark psy war:
    "my megaherz-death bombers are sneakier than yours"?
    So, it appears that key stroke logging and MS/Intel's vicious 
    "wired for management" are kidstuff cheapskate knockoffs of
    far worse invasive technology pouring dollars into Wintel
    labs and fabs.
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