[ISN] Compaq to Announce Security Solution To Customers For Under $100

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Date: Sat Jul 11 1998 - 05:50:50 PDT

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    Company Press Release
    Compaq First to Announce State-of-The-Art Security Solution To its
    Business Customers For Under $100
    Biometrics-Based Technology Greatly Improves Network Security and
    Reduces Help Desk Calls 
    HOUSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 7, 1998-- Continuing to deliver the latest
    technologies that reduce the cost of managing information technology,
    Compaq Computer Corporation (NYSE:CPQ - news) today announced the Compaq
    Fingerprint Identification Technology -- the first affordable biometric
    security technology offering. This state-of-the-art security product,
    compatible with Compaq Deskpro, Armada PCs, and Professional Workstations,
    tightens network security, simplifies the login process and reduces the
    costs associated with managing large corporate networks. The Fingerprint
    Identification Technology is available now in limited quantities for
    testing and evaluation. The product is expected to ship worldwide in
    August and be priced at $99(1) per node.
    ``Fingerprint Identification Technology is an outstanding example of
    useful innovation and how Compaq responds to customer demands for a
    simplified computing experience,'' said Michael Winkler, Senior Vice
    President and Group General Manager, Personal Computer Products Group,
    Compaq Computer Corporation. 
    ``Linking this very affordable security solution with award-winning
    Deskpro PCs will help our commercial customers manage their distributed
    computing environment, as well as help them lower the number of calls to
    the help desk. We are very excited to be the first PC vendor to deliver
    this advanced solution.''
    Compaq has also taken a leadership role in driving the industry to
    standardize on biometric technologies. In April, Compaq formed the BioAPI
    Consortium with Identicator Technology, IBM, Microsoft, Novell and Miros.
    The goal of the consortium is to establish industry standards for
    biometric-oriented Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and to
    incorporate these standards into operating systems. Industry standards
    will help ensure compatibility and interchangeability of biometric
    hardware and software products.
    Tightens Network Security and Reduces Administrative Costs 
    Fingerprint Identification Technology dramatically improves the security
    of Microsoft Windows NT based networks by effectively replacing passwords
    with unique fingerprints. Passwords represent potential security risks
    because they can be duplicated or stolen, and are frequently posted on a
    sticky note attached to a PC monitor. Although tighter security usually
    means more work for administrators, Compaq Fingerprint Identification
    Technology also reduces network management costs. IT groups regularly
    report that up to 50 percent of help desk calls are forgotten or expired
    passwords. By virtually eliminating the need for passwords, Fingerprint
    Identification Technology reduces the number of calls to IT Help Desks and
    lowers network administration costs. 
    Compaq Fingerprint Identification Technology is designed for enterprise
    customers at organizations with a high interest in security, such as
    financial institutions, where security of accounts and transactions is
    essential, and medical organizations where security risks revolve around
    patient data and patented formulas. It also appeals to companies striving
    to reduce help desk and desktop management costs. 
    Fingerprint Identification Technology, jointly developed by Compaq and
    Identicator Technology, uses Identicator's innovative DFR-200 reader
    technology and its outstanding and proven software algorithm technologies.
    Identicator's software has already been successfully implemented by a
    large number of its customers, ensuring that this technology is stable and
    The software also builds on the existing Microsoft Windows NT-based domain
    authentication infrastructure, ensuring seamless compatibility with
    existing environments. Compaq's Fingerprint Identification Technology is
    compatible with Microsoft Windows 95 and Windows NT Workstation 4.0
    operating systems.
    The very small Fingerprint Reader can be mounted on the side of a monitor
    or Deskpro, freeing up valuable desktop space. It is also compatible with
    and complementary to all Smart Card-based security products. The
    Fingerprint Reader easily connects to the parallel port and either the
    mouse or keyboard port via a power pass-through cable. 
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