[ISN] Cisco backs backdoor for Internet wiretaps

From: mea culpa (jerichot_private)
Date: Sat Jul 18 1998 - 04:57:24 PDT

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    Cisco Backs Backdoor for Internet Wiretaps
    By Declan McCullagh (declant_private)
    [TIME.com / The Netly News  14 Jul 1998]
    Yesterday Cisco Systems announced a new plan to include "private doorbells"
    in its routers. The company says it's a great way to protect everyone's
    personal information on-line. So why are privacy groups crying foul?
    The approach made public yesterday by 13 of the largest technology firms
    will lead to an Internet that's easily wiretappable -- it's the on-line
    equivalent of the reviled Digital Telephony (CALEA) law planned for the
    phone system.  [...remainder snipped...]
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