[ISN] 'Our First Time Hacked'

From: mea culpa (jerichot_private)
Date: Sat Jul 18 1998 - 07:49:16 PDT

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    [TechWeb] (7.17.98) Has the American Family Association hired hackers? For
    a short time Friday morning, visitors to the "ourfirsttime.com" sex site
    were treated to the front page of Disney's website. Instead of a
    soft-focus scene of an allegedly virginal couple kissing, Web voyeurs got
    a decidedly non-spicy taste of Mulan and Lady and the Tramp. 
    Site hosts said they had no idea why the substitution was happening. No
    hackers immediately took credit for the page swap. The American Family
    Association, which along with other conservative Christian groups has
    blasted both Disney and online pornography like this site, said they were
    not involved. 
    "Our official policy disapproves of hackers," said Ed Vitagliano, editor
    of the AFA Journal. "We've had people try to break into our site too." 
    "I can't tell you what's going on," said Craig Brittain, owner of the
    small Michigan-based Web-hosting firm that still maintains the sex site's
    domain name. The content of the site was uploaded to a larger company,
    Seattle-based Internet Entertainment Group (IEG) Thursday night, he said.
    IEG also hosts several adult-entertainment sites. Brittain confirmed other
    surfers had called and told him about the problem, however. 
    The sites' temporary new hosts also said they were unaware of the swap.
    "We have no idea," said Heather Dalton, an IEG spokeswoman. "This is the
    first we've heard of the problem." 
    But IEG does have other problems with the site, Dalton said.  After
    hosting the content for less than 24 hours, the company is booting the
    media-hyped live-sex event off its servers, saying it is likely a hoax. 
    IEG officials said they had identified another "mystery man"  involved
    with the "firsttime" website, who had also been involved in fighting
    conservative religious groups in the past. 
    Company officials also said they had determined the site planned to charge
    for the final "consummation" of the event, but gave no details on how they
    had learned this information. Details on their investigation would soon be
    posted at their own "clublove.com"  website, they said. 
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