Re: [ISN] DOD preps office for cyberdefense

From: mea culpa (jerichot_private)
Date: Thu Jul 23 1998 - 16:20:58 PDT

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    Reply From: krys <kryst_private>
    > DOD preps office for cyberdefense
    > The Defense Department plans to create a new military organization to
    > spearhead DOD's effort to protect the nation's critical computer systems
    > against information warfare attacks, marking the first time DOD has taken
    > responsibility for protecting infrastructure within the United States. 
    > The Pentagon also is considering the formation of a reserve cadre of
    > "cyberdefense warriors," who would have hands-on responsibility for
    > protecting the nation's sensitive information networks and systems from
    > information warfare attacks. 
    > According to an industry source familiar with the project, about 300
    > Ph.D.-carrying reservists would work from home computers that would be
    > tied into high-speed communications links. DOD has budgeted $10 million to
    Is the fact that the people who will be protecting our nation's 
    information infrastructure own doctorate degrees supposed to be
    comforting? I find this appalling. As most of us know, college teaches
    hoop-jumping and theory, with a bit of practical knowledge sprinkled on
    top for color. Who are these people, and what qualifies them as
    "cyberdefense warriors?" Some of the most skilled security 
    professionals I know have never even procured a Bachelor's degree, much
    less a PhD. Who is responsible for training these people in matters of 
    network security? The same people who are responsible for the current
    state of military and government security? That's almost laughable. 
    This smells suspisciously like a pacifier for the media and the public,
    and a means to explain away $10mil U.S. dollars. I'm not buying it.
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