[ISN] Vendors Simplify Access Control, User Authorization

From: mea culpa (jerichot_private)
Date: Thu Jul 23 1998 - 16:18:46 PDT

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    Vendors Simplify Access Control, User Authorization
    Guaranteeing employees the right access to the right information is no
    small feat. But imagine how daunting the task becomes when customers,
    suppliers, and business partners are added to the mix. 
    Fortunately, a handful of start-up companies and some established network
    suppliers are trying to make it easier for IT managers to grant access
    rights to a wide range of people and groups. 
    Case in point: enCommerce next week will unveil getAccess 3.0 Web security
    software, which combines simplified user administration with single
    sign-on capabilities.  Meanwhile, Hewlett-Packard yesterday rolled out the
    Praesidium Authorization Server that lets companies securely integrate
    partners into their business processes. 
    enCommerce, a 3-year-old company, is carving out a niche by offering
    simplified management of Web single sign-on and access control. With
    getAccess, security administrators "feel confident about distributing
    management" of security to non-technical business-line mangers, said
    Forrester Research analyst Ted Julian. 
    The company is extending the software's range with plug-in authentication
    and authorization modules, fault tolerance through enhanced CORBA-based
    services, and enhanced real-time user session management, said Monica Pal
    , an enCommerce marketing manager. 
    IT managers can now fine-tune systems performance and control discrete
    users sessions in real-time, Pal said. Plus, "if suspicious behavior is
    detected or the CFO has been fired, within 30 seconds [user access] can be
    turned off with a single click, even if the user has been signed on," she
    Pricing for the software--which runs on Unix--starts at $25 per user. 
    While getAccess is extending its range with each release, HP's server
    might be a more "granular and extensible" product , said Julian. 
    HP Authorization Server--unlike many other access control
    products--provides business access control through "trusted access
    domains," said Cyndi Nickel, HP's business planning manager for Internet
    security operations. 
    A trusted domain is defined by identifying users, shared business
    processes, and the access privileges that's shared between them. These
    domains can include small groups within a company or scale up to include a
    collection of organizations from different companies, Nickel said. 
    The server, which costs $50,000, can also be integrated with HP OpenView's
    IT Operations for enhanced systems monitoring. 
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