[ISN] Virtual Private Networks -- Build or Buy?

From: mea culpa (jerichot_private)
Date: Mon Jul 27 1998 - 20:32:37 PDT

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    Virtual Private Networks -- Build or Buy?
    Scores of network managers are faced with a daunting task: connect a
    growing number of geographically dispersed sites to their enterprise
    networks while working within a limited budget. To help them accomplish
    this task, a new breed of virtual private network (VPN) based on IP
    technology has recently emerged. Simply put, a VPN is a network that
    provides customer connectivity over a shared, public infrastructure --
    such as the Internet -- with the same policies that the customers enjoy in
    their own private networks. 
    VPNs are attractive to networking managers because they provide easy
    access to intranets, the in-house communication tools that companies are
    using increasingly to run their mission-critical applications. Because
    intranets are built on IP-based Web browsers, VPNs based on IP are
    required to extend their capabilities transparently, over wide-area links
    to remote offices, mobile workers, and telecommuters within a company, or
    to suppliers, business partners, and customers outside an organization. 
    Managers are considering VPNs for other compelling reasons, too: reduced
    long-distance phone charges for remote access, lower operational and
    capital equipment costs, faster and easier connectivity, and simplified
    WAN administration. 
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