[ISN] Policy-Based Networking in IP VPNs

From: mea culpa (jerichot_private)
Date: Mon Jul 27 1998 - 20:29:33 PDT

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    Technically Speaking: Policy-Based Networking in IP Virtual Private
    By Rob Redford, Director of Product Marketing,
    Cisco Systems WAN Business Unit
    If you're managing a fast-growing intranet or planning an extranet, you've
    probably considered building a virtual private network (VPN) for IP
    services that uses the Internet or a service provider's private backbone,
    instead of expensive, less flexible private lines. For most network
    managers, I believe it's not a question of whether you'll implement that
    VPN or not, it's simply a question of when. 
    To save money and hassle, many companies setting up VPNs today will decide
    to outsource some or all of the job to a service provider.  But sharing
    the responsibility for your VPN presents a new challenge. How will you
    retain control over your company's mission-critical data when the portion
    of the data-handling network that's owned and operated by your service
    provider becomes larger? 
    The answer lies in policy-based networking, an emerging capability that
    ultimately will give you the same control over your service provider's
    network that the CiscoAssure Policy Networking initiative gives you over
    your own.  The start of this trend can be seen today in dialup IP-based
    VPNs that let subscribers control their own security policies with a
    CiscoAssure server. 
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