[ISN] Call for Papers: USENIX Workshop on Intrusion Detection

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Thu Aug 13 1998 - 00:54:05 PDT

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    Forwarded From: Cynthia Deno <cynthiaat_private>
    1st USENIX Workshop on
    Intrusion Detection and Network Monitoring
            April 11-12, 1999
            Santa Clara, California, USA
    Sponsored by USENIX, the Advanced Computing Systems Association
    Please find the Call for Submissions at
    Important Due Dates for Refereed Paper Submissions
     Extended abstracts due:  November 1, 1998
     Notification to authors:  November 23, 1998
     Full papers for editorial review:  December 12, 1998
     Camera-ready full papers:  February 20, 1999
    Intrusion detection offers the promise of automatic detection and
    notification of break-ins or unauthorized use of computers. Better
    techniques for detecting abuse from within and without are becoming
    The goal of this workshop is to bring together network managers, engineers
    and researchers interested in deploying and developing intrusion detection
    systems (IDS) and network monitoring technologies for security, traffic
    analysis, or forensics. The emphasis is on practical results, case studies,
    and real-world large-scale deployment.  This will be a two-day workshop,
    consisting of refereed papers, invited talks, and work-in-progress reports.
    Opportunities to get together informally will include a Sunday evening
    hosted reception, a lunch on Monday with Marcus Ranum hosting, and
    Birds-of-a-Feather sessions on Sunday.
    The Program Committee, chaired by Marcus J. Ranum of Network Flight
    Recorder seeks original work concerning the design, implementation, and
    real-world application of intrusion detection and network monitoring
    technologies. Besides mature work, we encourage submissions describing
    exceptionally promising prototypes, or enlightening negative results. Case
    studies and experience papers are particularly of interest. Share your
    results, share your pain, share your ideas.
    Authors will, where appropriate, be able to demonstrate their applications
    during their presentation using systems that will be fed with packets
    captured at "live" sites, which contain various intrusion attempts.
    Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
                   Case studies of IDS in practice
                   Statistical models for IDS
                   Anomaly detection systems
                   Misuse detection systems
                   Host based approaches to IDS
                   Network based approaches to IDS
                   Application based approaches to IDS
                   IDS in cryptographically protected networks
                   Distributed IDS in large networks
                   Correlation techniques
                   Event thresholding
                   Reducing false positives
                   Alternative approaches
    Authors must submit an extended abstract by November 1, 1998.  The full
    papers resulting from accepted abstracts will go through an editorial
    review cycle with a member of the program committee, and should end up
    about 10-12 pages long.
    USENIX <http://www.usenix.org> is the not-for-profit Advanced Computing
    Systems Association with an international membership of technical
    professionals.  USENIX's refereed conferences are recognized for bridging
    leading-edge research and the practical.
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