[ISN] Would you hire a hacker?

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Thu Aug 13 1998 - 10:55:34 PDT

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    Would you hire a hacker?
    By Joseph C. Panettieri,
    Sm@rt Reseller
    August 12, 1998 11:49 AM PT
    Some of the world's largest corporations hired Justin Petersen. So did the
    FBI. In fact, in law-enforcement circles, he's known as Agent Steal, and
    he's got a long list of technical skills and references that would make
    most resellers drool. 
    Consider his most recent tour of duty, which includes developing intranets
    and extranets for Cosmic Media, a Los Angeles-based Internet consulting
    firm that has deployed secure electronic commerce sites for Digital Media
    and other fledgling businesses. He has also launched his own 1,000
    square-foot computer center, which features two server rooms, a control
    room and an earthquake resistant design.
    Now, for the twist: Petersen, 37, is also a reformed hacker. Earlier this
    decade he served time for breaking into several corporate networks, making
    bomb threats and stealing money from a bank electronically.
    "I imagine if I walked into a place and tried to get a regular job, my
    record would be an issue," concedes Petersen, speaking from the Los
    Angeles apartment he has called home since his release from prison last
    year. "But I've known a couple of guys from Cosmic Media for a long time,
    and I have other friends in the industry--including a Webmaster over at
    CNET. Friends who are aware of my convictions support me and hire me. 
    "Hacking was a phase I went through,"  continues Petersen. "I learned what
    I wanted to learn, and I got it out of my system. That phase of my life is
    FBI informant 
    As if Petersen's story wasn't outrageous enough, portions of his digital
    crime spree actually were committed while he was working undercover for
    the FBI, according to court documents obtained by Sm@rt Reseller. He also
    has crossed paths with notorious Internet hacker Kevin Mitnick.
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