Re: [ISN] Hackers, feds say govt. net security stinks | GCN August 10, 1998

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Sat Aug 15 1998 - 08:18:06 PDT

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    Reply From: blueskyat_private
    Your ideas are good, but as a former contractor,I think you missed
    something basic. The gov't managers do not have any idea who
    is a player, or expert. They are deficient in basic management
    skills, much less systems management. They have always known
    they have a problem, but lacking the skill and knowledge to cure it,
    they just pretend it does not exist and hope they can make it to
    retirement. At that time, they can go get a job with the contractor
    doing the same thing they have done for 20 years.
    Most agengies now put a clause in their contracts that requires
    all contract employees to have  previous direct experience with the
    agency. That's govspeak for revolving door - you have to hire
    retired agency employees. So the situation is an endless loop.
    At 01:24 AM 8/15/98 -0600, mea culpa wrote:
    >Reply From: Matthew Patton <pattonat_private>
    >>Thatís one of the reasons government security is so lame, Ranum said. Iíll
    >>believe the government is serious about security when somebody at the
    >>Pentagon gets fired.
    >Amen!! But we'll never see the day that happens, no matter how much
    >mouthing Hamry does. While significant blame must be attached to managment
    >and their cluelessness, one has to wonder if basic security precautions are
    >a natural and responsible part of being a sysadmin. I think so, very
    >strongly in fact. If OSD or any of the military branches are going to get
    >serious about security, they'd better start firing their present
    >contractors wholesale. So many of them can't find their own asses in a
    >shell prompt.
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