[ISN] rt66.com Attackers blamed for 1.8 million in damages

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Tue Aug 18 1998 - 14:31:46 PDT

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    [Moderator: Please read my reply which will follow. I am getting
     a bit annoyed at these outlandish figures of damage.]
    From: Carolyn Meinel <cmeinelat_private>
    Subject: HHD for 8/17
            Have you been wondering about our Web site and War Game? Patience,
    please, we'll be up again!  The hacker war against us has escalated to epic
    proportions. Because our opponents are unable to intimidate us, they have
    resorted to attacking the ISP, Rt66 Internet, that serves us, and also are
    attacking our ISP's customers.  In an Aug. 8, 1998 attack, these criminals
    caused over $1.8 million in damage against those they held hostage to their
    demands that no one give us access to the Internet.  On August 14, the FBI
    publicly announced it is pursuing our assailants.
            We need volunteers who specialize in gathering forensic evidence.
    Is there anyone whose company sells computer security products that would
    let our beleaguered ISP use them for free to protect its customers and
    gather evidence? We need a Mac G3 to run EtherPeek 3.5 (donated by AG Group,
    http://www.aggroup.com) to gather evidence next time our ISP and its
    customers are assaulted.  Remember, we operate with volunteer labor and
    equipment alone.  
            Those who are assaulting the customers of Rt66 Internet are the
    worst terrorists in the history of computer crime.  If they get away with
    these tactics, they will chill freedom of speech across the Internet.  If
    they succeed, the whole world will know that a gang of computer criminals
    now has the power to force their will on anyone who wants to use the Internet. 
            If we can't stop these hostage-takers, the Internet will no longer
    be free.
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