[ISN] Netscape Online Backup

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Thu Aug 27 1998 - 23:36:58 PDT

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    Forwarded From: "Jay D. Dyson" <jdysonat_private>
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    From: "C. Harald Koch" <chkat_private>
    Netscape now has an Online Backup offering. It claims to offer secure backups,
    over the Internet, to an offsite Data Recovery Center. Looking for details of
    "secure", I tripped over:
    	File Encryption 
    	How secure are the files you back up? 
    	Files are encrypted before leaving your computer.
    	We use the most robust encryption method available
    	for international use.  No one can ever read your
    	files, not even Atrieva Corporation personnel.
    More specifically:
    	1. You use RSA encryption. How does this benefit me? 
    	RSA, the leader in encryption products for the PC
    	industry, owns and monitors the patents on a number
    	of encryption technologies. Based on current export
    	laws, we chose their RC2 algorithm to secure your
    	files so that Netscape Online Backup by Atrieva
    	Corporation could be used throughout the world. RC2
    	is also two to three times faster than the
    	encryption algorithm that other online backup
    	services use (DES 56). Plus, unlike DES 56, RC2 has
    	never been broken.
    	2. Does anyone else have access to my encryption key? 
    	No. You choose your encryption key, and unless you
    	tell someone, you will be the only one that knows
    	it. Not even Atrieva Corporation personnel have
    	access to your key.
    Netscape should really know better by now, shouldn't they?
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