[ISN] Cell Phone jammers now for sale

From: mea culpa (jerichoat_private)
Date: Thu Aug 27 1998 - 23:27:21 PDT

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    [Moderator: Not quite on topic, but I have long wished for these. :)]
    >From CNET.COM Newsletter Today
    After my vacation in Greece--which was wonderfully free of
    URLs, but packed with more obnoxious cell phone users per
    square mile than any place I've ever been--I stumbled across a
    disturbing but interesting new technology that allows you to
    jam the airwaves and prevent cell phone calls within a
    prescribed radius.
    "Jamming" is already happening in Japan, a country that could
    probably put the mobile-phoning Grecos to shame. The Wave
    Wall, by a company called Medic Inc., is a cigarette-sized
    transceiver with a 20-foot jamming radius. It's a pricey $480,
    but cafes, theaters, and high-end restaurants are already
    using these devices to keep the peace.
    Of course the implications are huge (which is why I like this
    topic). The Japanese government is concerned about emergency
    calls being blocked, potential interference with pacemakers,
    and so forth. But I'm picturing the inevitable American
    version--a freakish cyberjammer who roams the streets
    gleefully interrupting calls, or prowls the highways making
    callers truly "hang up and drive."
    Need I say more? I have no idea when the jammers will hit our
    shores, but it sure makes you look back at the days of "Hang
    on, I'm going into a tunnel and may lose the connection" with
    a certain innocent fondness. Now you'll never know if it's the
    connection or the suspicious-looking minivan in the slow lane.
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